Recorded May 15th 2015 at Brasserie Beaubien in Montreal, QC. This is the first video in our brand new ANL Live segment; a weekly video series featuring artists from in and around Montreal. It is also tied to a mentorship program where we will be teaching basic recording, and mixing techniques to a few lucky peeps!

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With baited breath we bring you our annual listening party, this May, the 26th of 2015. It will be a warm Tuesday night, a perfect opportunity to meet with strangers and friends alike in the welcoming embrace of Montreal’s La Plante. The listening session will be accompanied by pre-prepared visuals by johnny_ripper, and Tyler Reekie.

DirtyOrgans – Holy Ornaments

The debut LP from Toronto’s man of mystery, Shea Bishop Duffy; 10-songs from his underground hovel, in the bowels of Dockland, TO. The album, a collaboration with ¡FLIST!‘s Charlie Twitch, presents Duffy’s cinematic, pulsing bass, and vocal soundscapes against a dub, and electronic saturated backdrop.

Approx. 45 mins.

Hua Li 化力  – Za Zhong EP

Hua Li’s highly anticipated follow up to her Bound Feat pt.1 mixtape from 2012 sees her paired with Montreal haze machine, Gloze da Most for a 4-track trip through cloudy day party tracks, breakup anthems and coy disses.

Approx. 15 mins.


Excerpts from johnny_ripper’s latest film albums, “don’t”, and “epilogue”, where audio and visual samples form a celluloid dream.

Approx. 40 mins.