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¡FLIST! is Montreal’s genre-bending musician and visual artist Charlie Twitch. Misled romances inspire visceral, semi-choreographed convulsions, combining dark soul beats, dirty guitars and baritone vocals.

¡FLIST!’s debut effort, Fuck You Im Dead, was written over an 8-year period and accordingly, takes the listener on a gambol from twisted crooning torch songs to carnivalesque interpretations of contemporary mainstays like Busta Rhymes and MIA. While the album celebrates all of the most explosive and vulnerable aspects of the human condition, ¡FLIST! provides his audience with a masterfully constructed, seamless collage of musical genres.



¡FLIST! - Fuck You Im Dead  ¡FLIST! - Original Words


Purify Your Soul (LIVE)Tuberculoma (LIVE) | Bug | Boys

. . . ¡FLIST! carves out a sound that resists comparison with his contemporaries in Montreal or almost anywhere else. Chart Attack

Le meneur Charlie Twitch se contorsionnait sur des rythmiques complètement décalées, des mélodies aux frontières du spectre harmonique et des changements abrupts de tempo.  – Radio BRBR

. . . in his band-backed live performances, his songs take on a fuller sound that show the deeper genius of his compositional talent and frontman charisma. – AUX


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