Thanks to Pop Montreal, our friends, everyone who came out last week, and especially all the artists: check them out here and support their work, chumps! Special grats to Robby Reis for letting us use his work for promo!

DirtyOrgans | Hua Li | Loon | Momo Ishiguro | RAKAM | StrangerFamiliar | Syngja | TIMEKODE
All photos by Kaja Levy unless otherwise stated
Loon for ANLxPOP

Loon at Pop 2016
Loon at Pop 2016

DirtyOrgans for ANLxPOP

DirtyOrgans at Pop 2016
DirtyOrgans at Pop 2016

StrangerFamiliar for ANLxPOP

StrangerFamiliar for Pop 2016
StrangerFamiliar at Pop 2016

Momo Ishiguro for ANLxPOP

Momo at Pop 2016
Momo at Pop 2016


Timekode at Pop 2016
Timekode at Pop 2016

Hua Li 化力 for Shiska POP BBQ

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photo cred Zuzu Knew
Syngja at Pop 2016
Syngja at Pop 2016
photo cred Philip McMurray

RAKAM at Pop 2016

Ahhhh! Best surprise from @cafevenosa! #anlpop

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DirtyOrgans - Holy Ornaments

Toronto man of mystery DirtyOrgans’ debut LP Holy Ornaments was unleashed on the unsuspecting world today, featuring ten delicious post-punk tracks to lull us from our dystopic euphorias.  Get it through Art Not Love or the usual entities.

Get Holy Ornaments on iTunes  Get Holy Ornaments on Google Play

DirtyOrgans will be performing at our Pop Montreal showcase as an unofficial launch for the album along with Momo Ishiguro, StrangerFamiliar, Loon, and special guests Timekode on September 24th at O Patro Vys!

DirtyOrgans.com | DirtyOrgans Facebook | DirtyOrgans at Pop Montreal