¡FLIST! – Original Words


5-track digital EP.
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¡FLIST! takes on yester-year’s classics in an EP arranged and recorded for a show benefiting local psych cinema, Blue Sunshine in December 2011. Released March 2012.

1. Smile
2. Boys
3. Swing
4. Move
5. Sing

Everything arranged/performed by ¡FLIST!. Vocals recorded at VergilReality by Vergil Sharkya’. Mixed and mastered by Charlie Twitch.

Cover art by Charlie Twitch

Smile (I Smiled Yesterday) written by B. Bacharach, H. David
Boys written by Bauhaus
Swing written by D. Sylvian
Move (Move On) written by D. Bowie
Sing (Sing! Harpy) written by M. Beddington, M. E. Smith