Charlie Twitch – I Could Be Happy


10-track digital album.
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Full length album from Charlie Twitch with appearances from DirtyOrgans, Ryan Frizzell, and Jamie Woollard. Created with the sole purpose of makin’ you move.

1. Worble Walk
2. Love This Country
3. A Thousand Spiders Crying
4. XX X
5. I Was a Teenage DDM-100
6. Twisted
7. War Over War
8. Passè-Dècomposer
9. Cannibal Careful
10. Appendix

Composed, written, and performed by Charlie Twitch. Love This Country written by Charlie Twitch & Jamie Woollard. Bass on XX X by DirtyOrgans. I Was A Teenage DDM-110 dedicated to Lux Interior RIP. Trumpet on Twisted by Ryan Frizzell. Recorded and mixed by Charlie Twitch at Art Not Love, Montreal.

Artwork and layout by Charlie Twitch

Released May 2013 on Art Not Love Records, ℗2013 Charlie Twitch, ©2013 Art Not Love